Golf Course

Things You Should Know for Selecting a Golf Course

Golf has been one of the most participatory sports of recent times. Although initially, it was classified as a sport for the privileged ones, it has embraced players from all divisions of society over time. Golf courses in Upper Michigan have been developing with full action. Thus witnessing one at every corner is no big deal. 

However, golf courses have been practicing their know-how to retain their members with the soaring competitions. The enigma isn’t where to find the best golf course but to decide the ideal one in such situations. 

Below we have pointed out relevant factors that can help you select one appropriate golf course similar to the Bay Harbor golf course. Take a look.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Golf Course

  • Routing

It refers to the links between holes and the arrangement of the course, outlining the direction holes are presented. While deciding on golf courses in Upper Michigan, evaluating whether it is possible to play in diverse directions or a fixed pattern is crucial. 

Often having a fixed route for playing leads to loss of interest over time. While operating multiple routes throughout the area can assist you to entertain yourself with a fresh one when you are served with the old one. 

  • Design

The capacity of a golf course to present you with the ultimate satisfaction of the sport highly varies depending upon the design factors. It isn’t merely the course’s overall appearance but your targetted shot controlled by design. Thus make sure you consider these factors before deciding on;

  1. The pathway is too slow or fast
  2. Buckers or related water hazards
  3. The structure, whether it is sloppy or flat
  4. Drainage facility
  • Type of Holes

Your overall experience with golf courses in Upper Michigan depends on the varieties of holes a course has to offer you. Ordinarily, an ideal course, similar to the Bay Harbor golf course, features multiple kinds of holes for one to enjoy their sport. Since we are starting, the number should be high; it is evident, electing small spaces would render a limited variety of features.  

  • Feasible Challenge

An ideal golf course would facilitate you with feasible challenges to upgrade your skills. They would create a layout that is neither too hard nor too easy for beginners. This optimum balance is an important fact to consider while selecting the courses as difficulty and playability are two crucial factors motivating one to seek new skills.

  • Adaptable Scheduling

Regular training is mandated for someone willing to sharpen their skills. Thus selecting a golf course that facilitates adaptable scheduling to practice is very important. 

Therefore make sure the golf course you choose enables you to pick your tee time as you wish. Another alternative to getting off the tee time restriction is to avail yourself of memberships of clubs that prioritize you, just like the Bay Harbor golf course.


Our discussion steeps down to a simple conclusion: picking the right golf course significantly determines your overall experience. Thus make sure you consider the above pointers to bestow yourself with the best possible experience.